Saturday, July 7, 2018

Domain for sale

Hi people:

Anybody interested in buying a popular domain name? I am retiring from the Internet after being active in it for more than 20 years. Now I am selling my domain "". If you do any kind of teaching in your own website, be it yoga or music or art or computer or gardening or home improvement or do-it-yourself things or anything at all, this domain name will be ideal for you. Please note it is a .com domain (most preferred in the domain world) and has the in-demand words net and guru in it! The domain name is also short, meaningful, and easy to remember.

If interested, please contact They are selling it on my behalf.

Thursday, August 3, 2017


I'll never understand the hype about Apple. Their products do not match their astronomical prices. I find Windows more reliable and easy to use.

My latest disappointment came after I updated my iPhone 5C with their latest operating system IOS 10.3.3. It is now showing in Settings that I have Zero KB of storage available. I know that is wrong, but still I deleted many songs, many photos, some videos, some Apps etc. to make more available storage. But alas, it still is showing Zero KB of available storage. I cannot find any easy solution for this and I do not have unlimited time to research on Apple's faulty product/operating system. (It will be quicker and easier for me to go and buy a Samsung Galaxy phone!)

You can find a simple tweak in the Internet to increase your storage space in iPhone. (This is not to be confused with the malfunctioning operating system!) Here is one: How to increase storage space on your iPhone with just a simple tweak. Basically, it involves trying to rent a huge movie from the iTunes store. Your effort will fail (and you will not be charged for). You will get a message that says there is not enough storage space in your phone for the download. You OK the message, go back to Settings, and check your available storage again. You will notice the storage has increased substantially! Theoretically, you can try to rent the movie 2-3 times and with each failed attempt you will notice the available storage in your iPhone has increased.

I could not even try this simple tweak. Why you know? Apple asked me to enter my credit card information (which they already have in file!) I provided all the info and tried to rent the movie. The next message said the credit card info does not match the CARD TYPE (i.e. Mastercard, Visa, Amex, etc.) I looked all over. There was NO SPACE to enter CARD TYPE. Fuck!!! Then I remembered I do have a gift card from them. But there was no space to enter any gift card information! Fuck again!!!

My conclusion: Apple sucks. Big time!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Missing Malaysian plane should wake us up

When I say 'us' I mean the entire aviation industry - the aircraft manufacturers, aeronautical engineers, all world's airlines, and organisations like NTSB, FAA, etc. throughout the world. It is time to re-design the so-called black boxes - the flight data recorder and the cockpit voice recorder - on which accident investigations almost entirely rely.

My common sense says these so-called black boxes need at least two improvements:

1. They should float in case of a crash in the water. This will help locate them much more easily. If they cannot be made to float by themselves, they should be attached to inflatables that will inflate automatically when they come in contact with water thus making the black boxes rise to the surface of water. These boxes are painted orange I know for better visibility. I don't know if the paint is luminescent. If not, they should be painted with a luminescent paint.

2. The black boxes should emit a white smoke for days in case of a crash on the land. This will make them relatively easy to locate even if the crash happens in a difficult terrain like jungle, mountain, etc.

My common sense says neither of the above improvements to the black boxes is impossible to do. I am sure technology for these either already exists or can be designed by engineers easily if asked. The increased cost is certainly worthwhile given what the world is experiencing today.

My other suggestion for better accident or terrorism investigation in the future is to add a third black box to hold the hard disk storing recorded video from a cockpit surveillance camera. In these days of surveillance cameras everywhere, it is difficult to understand why the cockpits of every plane are not fitted with surveillance cameras! 

Monday, February 17, 2014

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Google is driving me nuts!

Ever since Google introduced Google+, it is driving me nuts. It is forcing me to do this and that while I am trying to do my work on the Net. All on a sudden a new window opens up and asks me to choose between this or that, click here or there, choose my real name or username or domain name. F***. Often times people do not have time to read and understand everything before making a choice because they are in the middle of something else. And as such they make a mistake and pay for it!

My domain name is My YouTube username is kimbhut65 (and kimbhut65's channel was created way before I bought my own domain). My pen name is Shoban Sen and my real name is something else. I have over 200 videos in my YouTube channel (kimbhut65's channel). Few months ago, while I was working on my channel design, all on a sudden a new window opened up. Google suggested to me that I better use as my username in YouTube also - to simplify everything in my own interest. Without thinking much I agreed to change my username. The next moment, I discovered, kimbhut65's channel does not exist and in's channel there are zero videos! I almost got a heart attack because I was building that channel since 2007! With great difficulty, I don't remember exactly how, I got in touch with a human being in YouTube's customer service and explained the situation to her and literally begged her to revive my original channel. Well she did not do it, but she told me how to do it within a specified time limit. And some how I managed to revive my channel!

Same thing happened again today. I do not even remember exactly what happened because I was concentrating on something else at that time. Another window opened up and forced me to choose something, probably to publish kimbhut65's channel on Google+. (I don't even know when and how I became a member of Google+ and even worse, I don't even know what exactly is Google+, I never use it)! In a hurry, making sure I am not opting to change the name kimbhut65 (I already burnt my finger once before doing that), I clicked on Next only to discover that my profile picture, channel art (cover photo) have all disappeared. F***! At the moment, I am trying to re-upload my profile photo and channel art which was created only about 2 months ago devoting much time and effort when YouTube forced us to re-design our channels!

After I publish this blog I shall try to assess the extent of today's damage and whether this can be reversed. Does my YouTube channel still exist? Google is expanding its business left and right. It used to be just a search engine (and a good one)! Now we have soo many Google products that I find it difficult to cope up with. Google, Google+, YouTube, blah, blah, blah ... F***!

I think it is time for me to retire from the Internet and just play golf or go fishing! After all, I am 72!!!