Thursday, August 3, 2017


I'll never understand the hype about Apple. Their products do not match their astronomical prices. I find Windows more reliable and easy to use.

My latest disappointment came after I updated my iPhone 5C with their latest operating system IOS 10.3.3. It is now showing in Settings that I have Zero KB of storage available. I know that is wrong, but still I deleted many songs, many photos, some videos, some Apps etc. to make more available storage. But alas, it still is showing Zero KB of available storage. I cannot find any easy solution for this and I do not have unlimited time to research on Apple's faulty product/operating system. (It will be quicker and easier for me to go and buy a Samsung Galaxy phone!)

You can find a simple tweak in the Internet to increase your storage space in iPhone. (This is not to be confused with the malfunctioning operating system!) Here is one: How to increase storage space on your iPhone with just a simple tweak. Basically, it involves trying to rent a huge movie from the iTunes store. Your effort will fail (and you will not be charged for). You will get a message that says there is not enough storage space in your phone for the download. You OK the message, go back to Settings, and check your available storage again. You will notice the storage has increased substantially! Theoretically, you can try to rent the movie 2-3 times and with each failed attempt you will notice the available storage in your iPhone has increased.

I could not even try this simple tweak. Why you know? Apple asked me to enter my credit card information (which they already have in file!) I provided all the info and tried to rent the movie. The next message said the credit card info does not match the CARD TYPE (i.e. Mastercard, Visa, Amex, etc.) I looked all over. There was NO SPACE to enter CARD TYPE. Fuck!!! Then I remembered I do have a gift card from them. But there was no space to enter any gift card information! Fuck again!!!

My conclusion: Apple sucks. Big time!


dia-chat said...

I guess you need to delete all the previous backups from your phone and your memory space will increase almost to its full extent. It is actually the continuous backups that eat up the space!
Try it out...

Shoban Sen said...

My backups are happening in iCloud. I have no storage left in my iPhone. What good is it if I delete my iCloud backup? I have room available in iCloud. If I have misunderstood you, please guide me step-by-step.

Shoban Sen said...

To dia-chat:

I have solved my problem by following these instructions:

It's surprising to see that iOS 10 is taking up extra storage. In fact, I've observed people recovered 0.5GB for usage after upgrading.

Follow these steps and this should definitely help you regain lots of space

Go to Settings -> General -> Storage and iCloud usage -> Manage Storage. Now closely observe what stuff is consuming the maximum storage, you may choose to ignore the photos and music assuming you're well aware of the content. Don't be surprised if you see Facebook / Instagram / Snapchat and other social media apps taking up more than 500MB. You should uninstall them and download the apps again to get the precious space consumed by the cache.
When you delete photos, there's an album called “Deleted photos” which retains deleted photos for a period of 30 days, you may choose to delete all of it if you're sure you don't want them.
After all of this, delete all of the apps that you're not using for more than one month
Perform a reset by going to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset All Settings, helping you clearing the system cache.
This should definitely help you gain some precious amount of storage space on your phone.

My Available Storage is now 777.8 MB :)